Foreign Ministry warned of the situation in Kosovo getting out of control

Serbia’s proposal to hold a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Kosovo in a timely manner, as it is getting out of control.

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, her comment was published in the telegram channel by the press service of the department.

Russia is alarmed by «another round of escalation of violence» in the unrecognized republic, «there is an immediate threat to the existence of the Serbian people in Kosovo,» said a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Zakharova blamed the EU, the US and the Kosovo authorities for this.

“We believe that the initiative of the President of Serbia is timely and in demand. We share his assessments of the current crisis situation,” she stressed, calling for relying on international law in resolving the conflict.

Earlier, on July 5, Vučić met with EU Special Representative for the Western Balkans Miroslav Lajcak in Belgrade. The President told him that the Serbian population of Kosovo «is being subjected to the most brutal torture and persecution in the last 15 years.» Vučić demanded that the rights of the Serbs in the republic be respected and that their safety be ensured. He also called on the international community «to become more concretely involved in all these issues.»

The day before, Vucic said on Instagram (owned by Meta Corporation, whose activities are recognized as extremist and banned in Russia) that Serbia intends to request an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to protect “the lives and freedom of Serbs” in Kosovo.

Vučić believes that Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti is planning to stage an attack on the Serbs as soon as Ukraine launches large operations as part of its counter-offensive. He repeatedly accused Kurti of wanting to pit Serbs against KFOR (Kosovo Force, the NATO-led international forces responsible for maintaining stability in Kosovo).