Kosovo police beat two Serbian teenagers

The police of the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo beat two Serbian teenagers aged 15 and 17 in the north of the region. This is reported by Kosovo Online.

According to the publication, the brother and sister were beaten. On the evening of June 17, they rode a quad bike in the village of Rudine, Zvecan municipality. They were stopped by the police and thrown to the ground.

Boban Mitrovic, a children’s surgeon at the North Mitrovica Clinical and Hospital Center, said the boy was hit on the head and kicked in the side. The girl was thrown from an ATV and dragged along the ground, she received a bruise on her left shoulder. Teenagers are in a state of psychological shock.

The situation in Kosovo has escalated due to the authorities’ attempt to swear in the new mayors of North Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavić. At the end of April, elections were held there, which the Serbs, predominantly living in these areas, massively ignored. And although the turnout did not reach even 4%, the elections were recognized as valid, and the candidates from the Albanian parties won them.

After that, the protesters began to gather at the administrations and tried to block them. The Kosovo police intervened in the situation, clashes broke out, and tear gas was also used against the protesters. Against the background of the aggravation of the situation in May, Vučić announced the dispatch of Serbian troops to the border.

A NATO-led special mission (KFOR, Kosovo Force) intervened in the conflict between the Serbs and the police in Kosovo. Belgrade said that KFOR could not protect the Serbs who came out to show discontent, but at the same time blamed Pristina for everything that happened, which, in its opinion, wants to push Serbia and NATO. As a result, KFOR sided with Serbia.