Belgrade through the eyes of tourists and the best places for travelers

What to do: walk around three different districts of the Serbian capital, meet the sunset at the fortress and relax in the resort of Ada⁠-⁠Ciganlija.

What kind of city: the capital and largest city in Serbia. Over its two hundred year history, it has been destroyed and rebuilt more than once, the last time after the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO aircraft in 1999 during the war in Kosovo.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Belgrade Fortress. Usually tourists go to it along the pedestrian street of Knez Michael, which starts at the Republic Square and ends at the Kalemegdan park. The walk takes 25 minutes. I chose an atypical route for an hour longer to get to know the Old City better.

From Knez Mihail Street, I turned away from the crowds of tourists to the quiet Vuk Karadzic Street and went to the fountain with a rooster in a small square. It has no name, four streets intersect here, the landmark is the Crveni Petao cafe. The atmosphere reminded me of Paris: the houses were full of greenery, there was a smell of fresh pastries, and visitors were resting at the tables of street cafes. Here I went to the Italian gelateria Sapore and got pistachio ice cream — it was wonderful, almost like in Florence. For one ball I paid 140 RSD (99 ₽).