Vucic said he expected to meet with Putin in China

Vučić added that he received another «important invitation» but could not give details. The last time the Serbian President met with Putin was at the end of November 2021. Then Putin said that the countries had a lot of questions

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that he is waiting for his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the One Belt, One Road summit in China in October. He said this on Happy TV.

“In October, I will make a big visit to the People’s Republic of China as part of the One Belt, One Road program. The big question is what will be there; President Putin is also expected,” Vučić said. He noted that he received «another important invitation», but can not yet give details.

The last meeting between Putin and Vucic took place at the end of November 2021 in Sochi. They discussed the supply of Russian gas to the country. Then the President of Russia said that since the last meeting in June 2020, the countries had accumulated a lot of questions for each other.

On June 1, Vucic said that he had not spoken to Putin for over a year because of the biased attitude of Western countries. According to him, he saw many EU leaders, but he did not do it himself, because in this case «everyone would say:» Look at the Serbs. “What they want to ban us, they allow themselves,” the president said.

In July, Vučić said that the refusal to impose sanctions against Russia was the moral position of Serbia. “Are we making money from this or not? No. Do we have many problems because of this? Yes, we have. Am I sure we’ll keep going? No, I’m not sure,» he said. Before that, he repeatedly stated that Serbia was under pressure because of its refusal to impose sanctions against Russia.

So, according to the Serbian president, if Belgrade imposed restrictions against Moscow, then the United States would not put the head of the Serbian Security and Information Agency Alexander Vulin, a close associate of Vucic, on the sanctions list.

«One Belt, One Road» is a project of Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is aimed at developing economic cooperation at the international level with the participation of his country. As of April 2022, 148 countries and 32 international organizations have signed documents on cooperation with China in this direction.